The solution to your online marketing needs is a marketing agency. Not just any marketing agency, but one that enjoys marketing, is skilled in putting together convertible campaigns and genuinely interested in promoting your business. In today’s marketplace, you shouldn’t be wondering if you can afford a marketing agency. Instead, you should be considering the costs to you and your business of having not engaged one as yet.

Marketing is about building your brand with potential customers and convincing current customers to continue to do business with you. It is about generating leads that will convert to sales. Marketing helps potential customers know about your product or service and understand the benefits to them while providing you with a competitive advantage.

A marketing agency helps you accomplish this and more by being the necessary adjunct to your business, therefore making them the best answer to the marketing needs of small businesses.

multiple layers of expertise

Multiple Layers of Expertise

When you hire a marketing agency, you get the services of a website designer, website manager, graphic designer, social media manager and so much more. Can you hire all of these talents in-house? And does it make sense to source these resources separately when you need a cohesive marketing strategy? This convenience is what a marketing agency brings to your business.
building your brand

Building Your Brand

Building your brand takes effort and strategic actions. Your brand has to be engaging and attractive. As a small business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur, you need to work with a marketing agency that is genuinely interested in building small businesses. With multiple experts as part of an agency, you get a coordinated team effort to bring your brand to life and online.
cost containment

Cost Containment

This is generally the biggest reason for most small business and entrepreneurs to outsource their marketing needs. Hiring a marketing agency saves you both time and money. You do not need to spend time learning to market online or recruiting to find the best manager for your business. You also get results in a much faster time than attempting to DIY. You forego the costs associated with hiring a marketer (base salary, taxes, allowances, retirement benefits etc.) for an agency (retainer, fixed fee) which just makes better business sense. You also save money by not having to acquire and maintain subscriptions for all the software that a marketer typically requires, thereby reducing your need to just a few.
lead gen

Lead Generation

For your business to grow and you to get customers, people need to know who you are. Getting customers is a hard task. Knowing where and how to promote your business is therefore extremely important. A marketing agency will help you determine the best networking sites or content strategy to use to generate more leads and the process of converting them to customers. For example, if you own a restaurant, then, in additional to traditional sites such as Facebook and Instagram, you need to be on Yelp which is best known as a restaurant review site (though other types of services are a part of it). An agency helps you with these kinds of insights and strategic decisions.


Brand Identity:

We all know the big brand names out there, as well as their easily identifiable logos. You too should be competing on this level with a logo and branding that fits your business. You cannot compete without a distinguishable ‘face’ of your company and a logo is the first step to building that reputable brand.


Marketing Strategy Coaching:

To succeed online, most times you need help. And not just to build a website or design a logo. You need the assistance of an expert for guidance on the development of an overall marketing strategy in line with your business. With coaching, you can elevate your online experience into a meaningful strategy for business success.


Website Design & Development:

As the expected face of your business and the first thing that most potential customers look for, you need a business website. It becomes hard to find you online and promote your business without a stable well-designed and developed website. In today’s society, a website is a must for online competitiveness.



Social Media Management:

Social media management gets you front and center of your potential customers. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar or virtual business, well-known or relatively new, you have to compete on social media to gain any advantage. The big companies, no matter how famous, continue to market themselves daily on social media. This is because of the importance of these networks in getting to customers, pulling in new customers and keeping your business out there and engaged.